Corporate Government

Empresas CMPC S.A. is regulated by Law 18,046 for Limited Companies and the securities market, and is subject to the regulatory authority of the Chilean superintendence of securities and insurance.

The Company is led by a board of directors made up of seven members elected at the annual general meeting of shareholders, who hold their seats for three years.

The board of directors meets on a monthly basis to evaluate and decide the development of the company in economic, social and environmental matters.

The shareholders may express their points of view on the company’s performance in legally convened ordinary and extraordinary meetings.

All decisions taken by the board of directors that affect the corporate interests as well as any relevant fact are communicated to the regulatory authority, the stock exchanges and the public in general.

CMPC accounts are revised and certified by external auditors, approved by the board of directors and reported to the regulatory authority and the public in general.

CMPC is subject to the supervision of various authorities and regulatory agencies in the different countries in which it operates.